Technical Alliances

Cascade Analytical believes in partnering with other professional specialists to provide greater and more specific areas of service for our clients.  The following companies are currently part of our technical alliance network.  Check below for more information on each of our technical partners.





Land Profile, Inc.


 Pacific Agricultural Laboratory - Portland, OR


Cascade Analytical has been proud to be teamed with PAL, our exclusive sub-contract lab for residue analysis for over a decade.  PAL is a well-established, highly experienced analytical lab, specializing in residue analysis.  We have set up a program with PAL that tailors a multi-residue screen for plant protection products used in the Northwest Tree-Fruit Industry.  This high-quality scan is an outstanding tool for reference sampling, but even more powerful if you plan on exporting your fruit.  The scan will include all products registered for use on Tree-Fruit in the State of Washington, so you won't have to worry about adding extra compounds or the possibility of missing some.  With lower detection limits than other scans out there, you are also better protected against possible embargo oversees.  If you have tree fruit, this is THE scan for you!

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PAL Website


STI_logo Soil & Topography Information

The Soil Information Systems SIS_logo_croppedteam is our partner in the field with sophisticated soil sampling and characterization. More specific than traditional Precision Ag and not “folded in the cost of fertilizer” so you can actually make qualified decisions on unbiased data.  STI/SIS uses three steps to gather a comprehensive database for your specific field:

1st ~ SIS uses GPS, Topography and Electrical Conductivity to survey soil spatial variability
2nd ~ SIS uses a Cone Penetrometer which measures Ground Resistance and provides Visual Imaging data
3rd ~ SIS probes discretely through a 4 foot profile for Soil Fertility characteristics

Comprehensive site maps for a multitude of physical, textural, chemical fertility and topographic properties.

“We used SIS for our Mattawa vineyard and they provided a professional and knowledgeable field team, state of the art equipment, amazing new technology. The useful and comprehensive reporting will be an important part of our fertilizer application and irrigation scheduling decision making process. I especially enjoy the orthophotographic view. The survey and sampling service is cost effective even for a moderately profitable crop (contracted grape). Our cultural practices will change to implement the information and concepts that we learned”.

~ Mike Mrachek, owner, Lucky Bohemian Farms

“Cascade Analytical Inc. is proud to be part of the SIS analytical team in Washington State!”

~ Laura Mrachek, owner, Cascade Analytical, Inc.

SIS_logo_croppedSoil Information System Resources

Soil Imaging Technology

SIS Products

Grape Quality


Fertility Solutions

Irrigation Solutions

Compaction Solutions



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