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Turnaround Times (TATs) for Common Lab Analyses

Hold Time Chart for Environmental Samples

General Calculations/Unit Conversion Charts

Why Convert from ppm to meq/L?

Common Laboratory Terms & Definitions

EPA 'Terms of Environment' Glossary


DOH Sampling Instructions & Other Publications


Short Title                                          pub #

Lead and Copper sampling                           331-227.pdf

Nitrate Sampling                                            331-214.pdf        English

Nitrate Sampling                                           331-214s.pdf      Spanish

Color, Taste & Odor Problems                        331-286.pdf

Arsenic in your Private Well                          334-156.pdf

Coliform Related Pubs

Coliform Sample Procedure                      331-225.pdf

Follow up to Unsatisfactory Results             331-187.pdf

Coliforms Explained                                       331-181.pdf

Sanitary Survey                                             331-197.pdf

Emergency Disinfection of Small Systems     331-242.pdf

Chlorine Contact Time                                   331-343.pdf


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