We are “your lab department” and stand behind you, providing you direct access to a qualified and fully accredited lab to meet regulatory water quality requirements.  Our labs are conveniently located for municipal, utility and industrial system operators throughout Eastern Washington and our delivery service gets the regional samples to us within 4 hours -6 hours every day. NO WORRIES.

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Verifying that biosolids from your facility meet criteria for beneficial use is a specialty of ours. Samples can be shipped or delivered in time to meet the hold time for microbiological analysis and the requirements for nutrients and heavy metals data is reliably delivered.  Cascade Analytical offers complete CFR 503 analysis for biosolids.  Advance notice is always helpful when dealing with biosolids and their short 6 hour hold time.  We always appreciate your cooperation that allows us to serve you well! biosolids_truck


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Biosolids Characterization

Metals & Nutrients

Determination of metals and nutrient loading requirements in municipal or industrial biosolids satisfies compliance requirements for land application to irrigated or non irrigated sites. We are very familiar with these complex matrices and provide prompt turn around time. We use methods established by EPA, AOAC and APHA.


7 Samples (3 one week and 4 the next) are required in the CFR 503 regulations to characterize the pathogen reduction compliance in biosolids operations. There are certain times of the year when there is a bit of a rush.  Please call ahead and let us know when your samples will be coming in, so we can make sure to get them set up quickly in accordance with the regulations.



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