NPDES wastewater discharge compliance analysis is our specialty. Our clients in manufacturing, food processing, municipal, industrial and fresh fruit packing depend on us to deliver reliable, timely and high quality results. Do you have a special request for a data summary, compliance report, a trend analysis, we have your data at our fingertips and can often assist with regulatory or engineering requests. If you need a lab to do your DMRQA, we are able to provide that service. We pay attention to detail, and work hard to make our clients’ environmental jobs easier. Count on us as part of your compliance team.

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Sampling Guidelines

On-Site sampling is available for :

• Landfill monitoring well sampling with SANITAS statistical package. CFR 351 and 304 packages available.

• Industrial Wastewater Land Application monitoring well sampling with water quality trend analysis.

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Wastewater Brochure

DOE Scope of Accreditation • Wenatchee Lab

DOE Scope of Accreditation • Yakima Lab

 Large On-site Sewage System Regulations (WAC 246-272B)


Biosolids Testing



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