Our laboratory is happy to assist you with testing for your private well, community well or spring.  Though not regulated by the Department of Health, it is recommended that private wells do an annual Coliform Bacteria test and a Nitrate test every 3 years.  Feel free to contact us with other questions about your well water's quality or look through the following resources.

Coliform Bacteria • pdfSampling Instructions

Nitrate pdfSampling Instructions

NOTE: Typically, DOH reporting is not done for private wells.  If you need your results reported to DOH, please call us and request special order forms to be sent to you for that purpose.


Helpful Links & Resources


Private Drinking Water Wells (EPA link)

Troubleshooting for Coliform Contamination

Arsenic & Your Private Well

Hydrogen Sulfide Information (rotten egg smell)

Disinfecting Your Well (Water Quality & Health Council)

Private Well Owner Information

Penn State Corrosive Water Problems Page


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