Public Systems/Group A & B

Conveniently located in Wenatchee and Yakima, you will be greeted with friendly and knowledgeable counter service. If you would like the convenient assistance of our Sample Scheduling Service, we can deliver containers right to your utility door step. Contact us, at 1-800-545-4206, with the public water system requirements and we will help keep you in compliance and on schedule.

*Emergency Drinking Water Analysis

Wenatchee and Yakima locations are listed as DOH Emergency drinking water Laboratories. We will gladly provide emergency drinking water analytical support to our current Class A systems. This service allows you to access our staff for microbiology services outside of normal business hours. This number is to be used only in case of an Emergency, as in public safety!

Call Laura at 509-668-1969

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Helpful Resources & Links

Revised Total Coliform Rule

Revised Total Coliform Rule Slideshow from EPA


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Group A TNC Systems

Group B Systems

Water System Data - DOH website

Chemical Source Sampling Dos and Don'ts (DOH Water Tap March 2012)

Seasonal Start Up for Small Water Systems (ERWoW Operators Quarterly)

Dept. of Health Eastern Region Contacts

Chlorine Contact Time for Samll Water Systems

Emergency Disinfection (Small Water Systems)

Arsenic Treatment Considerations

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