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“Your crop is, as your soil is”,

Dr. Robert Stevens, WSU, Soil Scientist. Soil fertility is that important!

Analysis and observations to assist the management of soil resources is critical to successful farming. Soil fertility management, the integration of soil physics (water holding capacity), chemistry and biology is the foundation to smart farming. Optimizing soil nutrients, soil moisture levels and conditions for beneficial microbiological activity is technical business. We can help take the mystery out of soil fertility analysis and put you back in charge of your fertilizer programs.  We also provided an analytical package for WSDA organic crop production compliance.

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Monitoring Soil Nutrients Using a Management Unit Approach

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NAPT Program

The North American Proficiency Testing (NAPT) Program (a program of the Soil Science Society of America) assists soil, plant and water testing laboratories in their performance through inter-laboratory sample exchanges and a statistical evaluation of the analytical data.

The program guidelines have been developed for the agricultural laboratory industry by representatives from groups familiar with and involved in standardizing methods and developing nutrient recommendations for soil and plant analysis methods within the U.S. and Canada. It is operated as an activity of the Soil Science Society of America and overseen by an oversight committee comprised of representatives of the above-mentioned groups. These include: Regional Soil and Plant Analysis Workgroups; Scientific Organizations; State/Provincial Departments of Agriculture; and private and public and plant analysis labs.

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Soil Science Society of America


Garden Soil Analysis

Learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your garden soil. We'll help you understand the current nutrient composition of your soil and provide you with the recommendations you need to optimize its fertility. Select the 'Garden Package' from the soil order form.


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Dept. of Ecology's Dirt Alert Program

DOE Gardening on Lead and Arsenic Contaminated Soils Page

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OSU Heavy Metals in Garden Soil Page

WSU Gradenings on Lead and Arsenic Contaminated Soils