Irrigation Water

We grow plants in an arid climate and we have learned to schedule water applications to yield abundant crops. We irrigate every day or week and the water that we use is critical to plant health, spray effectiveness and irrigation system efficiency. Knowing what the baseline water quality parameters are in your irrigation water will help you to establish and optimize your horticultural practices. Our unique irrigation water quality report specifically shows you how suitable your water is for the type of application system and if there will be horticultural problems during times of extreme temperatures. Sample after spring runoff /recharge for consistent data. Water treatments, if necessary can be calculated from our data.


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Helpful Resources

Chlorinating Water to Treat Small Systems

pdf buttonNeutralizing Excess Bicarbonates from Irrigation Water

Accu-Tab Chlorination Systems for Irrigation Water

Water Chemistry Nomenclature

pdf buttonIrrigation Water Quality Interpretation Chart

For information on FSMA or Global GAP water requirements for food safety please visit our Ag Water Page!

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