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Fruit mineral analysis can greatly assist quality control and field staff with the proper selection and storage practices, helping to meet shipping and market requirements. We have been creating a fruit mineral, leaf and grape nutrition databases for about 3 decades. Growers, packers, and sales groups use the data to more effectively select, store and ship fruit at optimum maturity and quality. When requesting analysis, we are grateful for your detailed information regarding your sample as it becomes part of this regional database that will continue to assist the industry for years to come!apple_close-up_with_bird_1

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Fruit Maturity Data System & Supplies

Would you like to know when your fruit is at optimum maturity? We supply iodine solution as well as a Fruit Maturity Kit containing a wide variety of starch photos and a data system to assist you. CONTACT US to order your Fruit Maturity Kit.

Starch/Iodine Testing Information

More information about Fruit Maturity services can be found on our Technical Alliances page!

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